Anonymous: Honestly about that fux jewelry thing, is understandable that people have lives apart from their business and stuff and takes time but if you don't have time to send orders until two or three months later you should reconsider if having your own business is your thing


Anonymous: Did you have your nipples pierced at some point or am I wrong??

Still do baba

Anonymous: you'd understand (not the failure part) i just felt comfortable coming to you because i really don't have anyone to talk to this about. sorry this was really long, some of it probably didnt make sense but i just needed to let all of this out. thanks for taking the time to read this.

Please please please message me unanonymously bc I have a ton to share with you about all of this and I wanna let you know that you are definitely NOT alone

Anonymous: Do you ever think your vagina is ugly? I do :(

ALL VAGINAS ARE GREAT. Tbh I think everybody feels like theirs is weird until they’re exposed to a LOT of pictures of other vaginas. Then you see that they’re all very very different and no worse or better than the next. They’re not there to look “conventionally” pretty anyway :-* I promise yours isn’t ugly, you just gotta be exposed to others. Check em out

Anonymous: haha you are shitting about other business in public. I heard a bunch of shit of your shop and I didnt post it everywhere on the internet.... youre doing it just to show how coooooool and nice you want to be

I’ve never ever ever left a customer unsatisfied. And lol at you “hearing” things, I experienced this fuckery first hand

Anonymous: Ive been wondering for a while if you do some graffiti work yourself? Because you always show an interest in it. :) If you do, would you ever post your work? B/c I would LOVE to see it!

I don’t, I’m just very close with a ton of people that do

darth-ladyvader: What a bitchy piece of shit business owner. I own a small business like you and that just seriously pisses me off. Just because you work for yourself doesn't mean "not having time" etc is an excuse.


Anonymous: I think it's really cool that you're warning others about that website! I bought bows from you and they were great. Glad you're doing this :)

Thanks babe! I figured it was only right. And I’m glad you liked your bows (-:


Hi guys, I recently placed a $70 order with a company called FUX JEWELLERY who are based out of Germany. I ordered two pair of plugs that were a couple mm bigger than what I was at at the time because I planned on stretching to that size and using the plugs I bought as…